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Our cycleboat is affectionately known as The Harbor Hopper. Get to know her. She’s…

A Thoughtful Hostess: Her high-top, mahogany galley bar stores food and drinks for easy access. She’s lined on both sides with a total of 10 pedal barstools and a 6-person, non-pedal bench for the lazy crew members (we all have those friends). 

A Tree Hugger: Our boat is eco-friendly because the environment is a big deal.

Secretly Speedy: This ole’ gal has a 30HP motor tucked away just in case we run out of beer and need to get to the nearest dock ASAP.

A Great Swimmer: The Harbor Hopper is Coast Guard Certified because safety is also a big deal.

SW Michigan Cycleboat_Leo + Laine_Saint



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SW Michigan Cycleboat_Leo + Laine_Saint
  • How long is a booking?
    A standard tour is 2 hours from the time of your booking confirmation to the time we drop you off; we don’t want to cut into anyone’s tour time, so don’t get left behind! We depart within five minutes of scheduled time. If you’re booking a special event and want more than 2 hours of fun, let us know 2 weeks in advance to see if we can accommodate. Additional charge will apply and will be determined based on day and time of day. The Lake & Land tour is five and a half hours.
  • What's the pricing?
    Click HERE to visit our pricing page.
  • How do I book?
    Don’t wait, it fills up FAST! To book the whole boat or single seating, follow these 3 steps to sign up for your Harbor Hopper experience: 1. Click the “BOOK NOW” button on the homepage and select a date/time. 2. Choose to book by the seat or book the entire boat and pay via credit card. If you choose to pay by cash or check it must be an advanced payment. Walk ups can be accommodated! 3. A mandatory waiver will be signed on board before departing. **No crew member will be able to board without a waiver. If you forget or lose your waiver, no worries, there will be waivers on-site before boarding.
  • Southwest Michigan's Ultimate Lake & Land Tour
    The ultimate Southwest Michigan Lake & Land excursion. Enjoy 2 hours on the water, hop on our Brew Bus, and tour local breweries & wineries, for 3 additional hours. Start your day on the water with Southwest Michigan Cycleboat that launches from The Inn at Harbor Shores Marina. You can pedal your way around the harbor, or sit back, relax and let our captain do the work (30 horsepower motor included). We will stop at Pier 1000 for a bathroom break and to get drinks if needed. After two hours on the water, our Brew Bus will be waiting to chauffeur you to three local breweries or wineries of your choice. This will be an incredibly unique experience and memories made will last a lifetime. PEDAL.PARTY.PLAY
  • Can I book the whole boat?
    Of Course! Call us 1 week prior to your excursion and we’ll help you customize your ride to make sure you and your guests have an experience you’ll never forget! In fact, because we give a discount for booking the entire Cycleboat, we recommend that those of you celebrating events with more than 8 people book the entire boat! Otherwise, it is open to the public to book until all seats are filled. See our pricing page for more details.
  • How many passengers can fit?
    16. Our CycleBoat has 10 pedal stations seated around a central mahogany bar and a large bench seat for non-pedalers or those who would like a break from pedaling. There is also plenty of room to stand up and walk around.
  • Is the tour kid-friendly
    Children under 12 are not permitted unless the tour is private or approved by our Captains before hand. You are responsible for your children the entire cruise. We pay our captain and deck hands to ensure your safety, not to babysit. **Children must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian over the age of 25. If you have any questions regarding this policy, please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-SJCYCLE.
  • How do you drive this thing?
    You don’t! We send you out with a professional designated driver.
  • Can we drink?
    We don’t know, come show us what you got ! The Harbor Hopper is a BYOB experience, meaning we will not be providing any beverages, but you are welcome to bring your own! If bringing adult beverages, 36oz. of beer or 18oz. of wine per person should be plenty. We will provide Hopper cups to transfer over any drinks from glass containers. No glass on the boat, except your sunGlasses!
  • What do I bring?
    A few suggestions for you to maximize your Hopper experience: Drinks: Yes please. H2O: Don’t drink the river water, bring your own! Even though we have a canopy, it can get warm on the water! Tunes/Jam Session: The Harbor Hopper sound system can be controlled by your phone, so bring your playlist and best effort to pretend you’re on The Voice! Sunscreen: Our collapsible canopy blocks a lot of rays, but it’s still best to lather up! Snacks: Bring your grub…remember, we will make stops at local bars that do serve food if you need, but that will take away from you time on the water. Clothing/Footwear: Make sure to consider both time of year, time of your cruise, and conditions on the water.
  • Will I get tired?
    This is not a spin class! In fact, our crew members always comment on how surprisingly EASY the Harbor Hopper is to pedal, especially compared to the city Pedal Trolley’s on the street! There are no hills or potholes on the waterways and we can raise and lower the paddlewheel to increase or decrease resistance. Remember, we have a motor if and when you want to just relax and soak up the experience!
  • Do you provide food, drinks, or ice?"
    We will not provide food, beverages, or ice but you are permitted to bring aboard drinks and food of your liking. We get it, people forget things…No worries! Snacks, beverages, ice, and other necessities can be purchased on-site at Plank’s Tavern or Rise & Vine inside The Inn at Harbor Shores. We’ll also make 1 pit-stop during your cruise that supplies snacks and beverages, however, you must provide the smiles!
  • Is it safe?
    Yes! The Harbor Hopper is Coast Guard certified to meet standards of safety for all on board. We provide life jackets for every passenger but do not require you to wear them. A safety waiver is also required for all passengers.
  • What about bad weather?
    The Harbor Hopper cruises rain or shine thanks to a protective canopy that covers the boat. In the case of extreme weather including thunder, lightning, or high winds (over 20mph), our Master Captain has the authority to cancel the tour if the weather is still severe after our standard 30-minute delay. A voucher will be issued for a future date, but no refunds will be given due to weather. We cannot control mother nature, but we can control your safety. No exceptions!
  • What if we have to cancel?
    Cancellations happen, we understand. Our standard cancellation policy is as follows: Cancellations must be made at least 30 days prior to the tour for a full refund. Cancellations made more than 14 days prior to your tour will receive a 50% refund. Any cancellations made 13 or less days of your tour, including no shows, will NOT be entitled to a voucher or refund. (NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS POLICY). This excursion is booked many weeks/months in advance, so we must respect other crew member’s opportunity to book.
  • What gets passengers kicked out of the party?
    The following is not tolerated: Vulgar and offensive language Littering Over intoxication Public urination Jumping off the boat or swimming We give full discretion to our captains to remove passengers from the tour.
  • Do we make any pit stops?
    We’ll stop at Pier 1000–grab snacks and drinks, take a bathroom break, or mingle with fellow Harbor Hoppers. Perk Alert: We have a designated boat slip for easy access on and off at both locations!
  • How many seats need to be filled to operate The Harbor Hopper?
    As few as 8 can hop on The Hopper, but we prefer to cruise with 10 or more. If we must cancel due to a shortage of crew members, we will refund your payment so you can reschedule when it’s convenient for you and your squad. When scheduling with us, check our live availability, and if possible, book a tour that already has some seats taken to avoid running into this scenario. Keep in mind that your party does not necessarily need to have 8 people in it, as you could be sharing the boat with another group during a public cruise.


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